Is Your Business Generating Waste Oil?

Cost of Disposing Oil Sludge is affecting your bottom line?

Is Your Business Looking Into Lowering Your Alternative Fuel Cost?

The global energy industry has been using petroleum based oil for decades. Due to the fast depletion of this resources, there is an urgent need to explore for a renewable resources to be used instead. The opportunities that we are aggressively looking into are value creation waste minimization profit generation.

With our invention and technology advancement, we are extensively involve in the following activities:

  • Extraction of oil from Spent Bleaching Earth
  • Purification of Lubrication Oil
  • Recovery of oil from oil based mud and heavies
  • Processing of alternative fuel from renewable resources
  • Processing of base oil from renewable resources
  • Recovery of high quality oil from Waste Oil

With our specific knowledge, we are offering the following primary services:

  • Design & construction of recovery/processing facilities
  • Operation & Maintenance of recovery/ processing facilities