In Need of Plant?

Cost of Operating Waste Water treatment Plant is Reducing your profit margin?

Our expertise and invaluable experiences from various industries enable us to formulate one of the most economical and effective wastewater treatment solution in the market.

Our technology and processes will ensure:

  • substantial saving in operating cost such as plant optimization,
  • lowest cost of sludge handling meet any effluent standards imposed by regulation.
  • only proven and matured technology are incorporated

Our Core Competencies:

  • Project Management Feasibility Studies,
  • Investigation and reports
  • Pre-Investment Project Planning and Evaluation
  • Designing and Construction of a facility
  • Operation and Maintenance of a facility
  • Permit application and reporting
  • Legal compliance and reporting

In part of providing total solution, we can also provide program in the following area:

  • Reduction in Sludge
  • Reduction in Heavy Metal, Oil & Grease, TSS,BOD/COD or VOC Lab Services